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Firstly - What Are Emotional Escape Rooms?

According to the internet- they are "safe spaces for feels." Or a personal retreat space designed to support your emotional needs. In essence, an area set up for you time. How much do we love this idea? A lot.

So much effort goes into the areas of our homes that focus on entertaining—space for 'others'. And while providing a space to connect with our friends and family is incredibly important, creating a zone to connect with 'self' is perhaps even more vital.

Image: Lillie Thompson

So how does an EER look?

The question should be, how does it feel? An EER should feel tranquil, slow and personal. It's a space to access inner peace. If you're lucky enough to have an entire room to yourself; think about what you love when styling it because there is no one else to consider. This is about creating your own private Shargri-La.

An EER is a space for meditating, reading, writing, journaling, music, podcasts, yoga, or simply staring into the corner of the room.

Here are 6 Emotional Escape Room essentials to help you on your way to nirvana...

Finding A Seat

Comfortable seating is non-negotiable. Our Clunes Armchair ticks every box. Roomy, soft, supportive and gorgeous. If space isn't an issue, select a sofa; if it is, beautiful floor cushions will do the trick.

Images: Dan Schache

Perfect Lighting

Soft lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of an EER. Buzzing fluorescent lights, no. Warm, glowing lamps, yes. Candles are also a must.

Image: Lillie Thompson

Personal Cocoon

Anywhere you can apply comforting layers, you should. Cushions and throws will provide cosiness, both physically and visually.

Images: Left - Lillie Thompson, Right - Dan Schache

Suitable Surface

You'll need a spot to perch things; candles, books, flowers and a beverage; whether that's a tall glass of water, camomile tea or Pinot Noir, the choice is yours. Either a coffee or side table will work. 

Image: Lillie Thompson

A Really Great Rug

Delineating your bliss island with a luxurious rug creates a sense of purpose and anchors the space. A rug also helps to dampen the noise and softens hard floors.

A room of one's own has never been more accessible and is just another step towards creating the ultimate well-home.

Our final tip - enjoy the process.