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Like any new enterprise, launching Cachet was full of decision-making; and let's be honest, it still is. As a group of interiors-obsessed creatives, we all had visions of the final pieces in Cachet's collections. Problem solves, market gaps and things-we-wished-were-a-thing were at the top of our lists. For Megan, one of Cachet's core pieces was an idea she'd been brewing for many years.

"I wanted to design a modular sofa as versatile as possible. So often, a modular is really just as fixed in its configuration as any other sofa, even though it comes in sections. So, when it came to designing Own Sweet Way," Megan says, "that was my mission."

The six pieces that make up the Own Sweet Way allow plenty of styling outcomes- music to any stylist or homemaker’s ears.

"It also needed to endure family life. While I love big cloud-like sofas in theory, in my experience, they quickly lose their form and become slouchy looking. You need to puff everything back up whenever you want to get your living room in order, and who could be bothered? But we couldn't forgo comfort either."

The solution? Own Sweet Way's structure mirrors the curves of the human body for flop-on-the-couch comfort, while its clean lines and modern silhouette won't provide you with any extra work. It's a win-win.

"I'm so happy with the final result. Own Sweet Way is edgy and classic at the same time. The perfect backdrop for piles of your favourite cushions and a stylish piece in its own right."