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Marble has been the stone of choice for palaces and palazzos since the time of the Pharaohs. Marble was and is one of the most versatile finished stones available, used for everything from grand staircases to sculpture.

If there were ONE material that could elevate your space faster than any other, it would be marble, and a coffee or side table is the ultimate form.

Cachet's Founder and Creative Director, Megan Robinson, gives us her take, "I love marble. As soon as you bring a marble piece into a room, you've cemented a sense of luxury. Physically, it has a softness to it that belies its strength. And visually, it's just stunning. I wanted to create pieces that took a classical material and give it a contemporary edge while still retaining elegance."
Styling-wise, the colours in even the most subtle stones are an excellent reference when choosing neutrals that allow for warm or cool tones- or a mix of both.

When designing our coffee and side tables, we chose two distinct marbles that offered contrast and a sense of luxe. No matter your interior style, there's a marble table perfect for your space—a hint of grandeur in the most unusual places.

Zander Coffee Table